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Crochet A Plant Hanger (easy)

It is getting frosty here and the leaves are turning beautiful colors. I had a mass die off of plants, (well, due to my neglect), I did revive a few by repotting.  I brought in some plants from the deck, which Mother Nature took better care of. I decided to hang the larger plants, to save space and didn’t have any plant hangers. I prefer to put my plants in plain clay pots, and had already made my StuffMart run for the week. I got online and looked around for an easy DIY plant hanger. Of course I couldn’t find what I was looking for, although I found some really cute ones that I will link at the end. I was going to macramé one, but when I found some crochet patterns, I thought that would be faster and just as pretty. I looked around and did find a unopened ball of jute, opened it up and got my crochet needle out and started playing around. I’ll place links in the directions in case you don’t know how to crochet, this is super easy. Crochet Plant Hanger (easy) You can customize t

Cool DIY Planter and Hanger

I was making several plant hangers for my plants to save space ( see post here with free crochet plant hanger patterns ). I ran across this YouTube video from JoeyFingis. I though it was interesting that he up cycled a 2 liter pop bottle into a planter with a water run off reservoir using a water bottle, and made a acrylic crochet plant hanger to hang it with. I think the idea is stellar. Check it out! I thought this would be good for starting seeds, and cuttings for plants. Which started me thinking about all kinds of things. I found this quirky idea of hydroponic gardening with a crocheted net from grubbycup on urbangardenmagazine I’m ready for spring, and definitely going to try this, let me know if you do!!