Lopi Sweater KAL (Berroco)

I started the Berroco Lopi Sweater KAL Feb 1, and it has been a wonderful experience and so much fun. You can find them on the Berroco blog and/or the Ravelry Berroco group! Even if you are not planning on knitting a sweater right now, there is lots of valuable info there. The mods are very helpful and have made it easy enough to tackle even if this is your first sweater. The KAL knitters are an inspiring, chatty group.
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I”m making Afmaeli from Veddis Jonsdotturm see his designs in the following link: https://www.ravelry.com/designers/vds-jnsdttir

This sweater was a free pattern and I love how it looked. I picked out Lettlopi to knit it in black, white and light gray. I’m happy with how it looks and the feel of the yarn. I did add a steek in the body, this meant some frogging, but the sweater felt so warm that I decided I would get more wear out of it as a cardigan. I’m hoping to put a zipper in it.
Free Lopi Sweater Pattern Links

My free lopi sweater pattern (link)
A variety of free lopi patterns from Istex (link)
Berroco blog suggestions for a sweater (link) free and pay patterns
More patterns (link)
My ravelry queue has exploded!
The Berroco KAL has all kinds of helpful posts to help anyone knit a Lopi sweater, they have made it so easy and a great learning tool.

Knitting a sweater that is customized to your body shape and needs will make a difference between an OK sweater and a sweater that you love. I recommend using a well loved sweater for measurements (taking these flat are so much easier and takes the guess work out of amount of ease you like included). It is not hard to shape the waist, fit the hips and make some short rows across the back to make your sweater fit you and complement your shape. Once you read these tricks and start adding them to your knitting patterns you will understand why some patterns looked good on you and some didn't.

I’ll link to some helpful blog posts that can be used for any sweater.
Some of these are from the Berroco blog, and some from other KAL knitters that have shared helpful links along the way.
I’ll add more as they come.
Getting ready to knit a sweater from the bottom up (link)
Sweater modification, pullover to cardigan (link)
Upsizing a pattern (in the round) (link)
Tips when casting on a large number of stitches (link)
Adding waist shaping (link)
German short rows (video link) a nearly invisible method, for the neck back.
Knitting with a Norwegian knitting thimble (link),
My favorite fair isle knitting techniques by averypinkknit (video link) (this one really helped me with my tension &      
     carrying the two strands of yarn!
Understanding ease in patterns (link)
Adding a steek to a sweater (link)
Picking up steek stitches (crochet method) (link)
My husband bought me several magazines with patterns & articles on lopi sweaters.
They all have beautiful patterns in them,
The Vogue knitting Winter 17/18 has the best articles on bottom up and top down sweaters. Covering fit and techniques. I would highly recommend that one, (pictured far right)
The Interweave Knits winter 18 has the prettiest patterns, (pictured middle) The one of the front I love!
Happy knitting & hope your staying warm & enjoying the winter!
May your knitting needles fly as fast as Dragonflies!

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