Spring Dyeing



I love this bright coral color that these skeins ended up! I wound up about 2000 yards of 100% Wool yarn and decided that it was bright and sunny out, so it was time to do some solar dyeing

I was going for a light pink, but after that skein looked rather wimpy, and my husband said he thought it would look good more vibrant. I decided he may be right.

I like to use sun tea jars to solar dye my yarn. It is amazing how warm the sun makes the water and really bakes the dye into the skeins, I’ve used different combos of fiber mixes and 100% wool gives the most vibrant colors.

I wound all of my yarn on a swift, and tied each one off in at least 5 places. I found to error on the side or more ties, to reduce tangles. But tie them very loosely, I like the little mark of lighter dye where the tie was located, it gives the skeins a more varied look.

Soak the skeins, making sure all of your wool in underwater, I usually put a plate on top of them to weigh them down. Gently squeeze the air out, put the plate on top and let them soak for at least 30 min.


While your skeins are soaking, mix up your dye according to the instructions for your particular kind. I like to use the hottest water I can out of the tap. Don’t fill your jars all of the way up, the wet skeins will overflow it if you do. I usually place two skeins in each jar. Then set them in the direct sun, and leave them all day. I have found if I put them on the cement they stay hotter.


Next day, I wash and rinse them, and hang them outside to dry. I have two jars and do 4 skeins at a time this way, I usually wind about 240 yards onto each skein. So approx. 500 yards in each jar.


Wanted to have enough for a sweater, I have the pattern for the Wonderful Wallaby by Carol A. Anderson (rav link) This pattern by Cottage Creations, (cottage creations page here, they also have other great patterns) comes in sizes from child to adult. I knitted one of these in 100% cotton yarn, way back before Ravelry and am still wearing it. A seamless traditional hoodie, and I’m that kind of girl. I can never have enough hoodies.

Now I’m in the mood to dye more yarn, and have bought some turmeric. more on that later….


  1. Thanks for the tutorial! Does this work on fabric as well?

  2. Love it! I will have to try this method!

  3. Oooh, look at that, all coraly-pink. Great minds! I'm intrigued by the solar jar dyeing, will have to revisit and play with that with some silk. Sometime when the sun is out though - it's grey again in West Wales, so much for spring!


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