Knit Cardigan (free pattern)

Who isn't trying to decrease their stash or get more organized these day? I'm trying to use what I have, although often I "need" to purchase more yarn to make the project I'm planning "work" hehe.

While shopping my stash I had an idea to mix two strands of yarn, one solid and one dk weight multi color together and knit a simple cardigan. (and use even more stash up)  It was easy and fast to make.  I used a worsted weight yarn Lion Brand Fisherman's Wool in Beige 100% Wool, which I love, always a workhorse yarn for myself and always available at big box stores.  The lighter weight (Yarn Bee Dee-Lish Boutique in the color almond bark, a Hobby Lobby brand yarn).  I loved the long color change of this yarn and it seemed like it would be nice to add to the first without making the result too bulky.  This yarn is listed as a DK weight but I think it is closer to fingering weight)  it is 90% Acrylic and 10% Alpaca, so it has a little halo to it. I'm always a sucker for a halo.
Finding the right pattern took me some time, I wanted something very simple. When I saw the free pattern from Wool and the Gang, the Corrina cardigan, I thought it was perfect! Garter stitch to show off the color change and a rustic texture. Not to mention super simple to make.
Corrina Cardigan (free pattern)
Corrina Cardigan

I did alter the pattern and knit the back and then fronts separately instead of all one piece. Which was the most confusing thing about this pattern, if you use it, check on my Ravelry page and I've linked the knitter that contacted the company and she shows the clarification they sent. The Dee-lish yarn has very long color changes, so it was easy to try and get the darker bits to line up at the bottoms of all of the pieces.

It was a fast knit with two strands of yarn on size US 10.5 needles. I love the way it fits and I can dress it up or down. The pattern does not call for any ribbing thus making it even faster to complete.  I had planned on making Elizabeth Zimmerman after thought pockets on it, but started wearing it as soon as I sewed it together. I've already bought more of the Dee-lish yarn in another colorway and a coordinating solid to make another one.
Corrina Cardigan (free pattern)
Corrina Cardigan

Pattern: Corrina Cardigan from Wool and the Gang, free pattern (link)

Happy knitting and let me know if you make this sweater!


Yarn Bombing a Trellis

I was inspired by some yarn bombing I saw recently. When we returned home I started thinking about making something for our own yard. When I needed something for my morning glories to grow on I decided I would knit something.
Knitted Trellis
Knitted Trellis

Knitted trellis
Finished Trellis
It turned out nice and I enjoyed looking at it under the vines all summer. I left it up all winter and it did fine until the very end when one strand broke and then the whole thing unraveled. Ugh!! So I would recommend taking it down if you have winter where you live.
Yarn used was some Red Heart Super Saver, I wanted something cheap, because I wasn't sure how it would turn out. I used one skeins to complete it, which was 436 yards (approx) of weight 4 or worsted weight yarn.
After experimenting I used size US 17 needles, I'll post the pattern below. 
Advice, when you trying to see if your trellis is wide enough, stretch that sucker really tightly. I realized after the first rain that it grew, and ended up wider than I anticipated.
I would recommend knitting a swatch in the pattern below and wetting it to see how much it will grow! (or change size in all directions)

Knitted Trellis Pattern (finished size 36 long by 78 wide)
Needles: size 17 US
Yarn: Red Heart Super Saver Yarn one and a half skein, (worsted weight yarn, weight 4) 7 oz, 364 yds per skein, so total of approx 436 ish yards.
Cast on 37 stitches
Row 1, Knit
Row 2 Knit
Row 3 Knit
Row 4 (Knit 1 wrap around needle 2x), repeat this all across
Row 5 Knit all of the knit stitches and drop the wraps. This makes the larger spaced rows.
Repeat until wide enough.
Stretch this as much as possible when holding it up to see if it is going to fit. 

To put up I just "sewed" it onto the poles. This is the one I made in 2018. 

I ended up crocheting one in 2019. I'll make a post with that one also.
Knitted Trellis
Trellis at end of summer

Enjoy! I'd love for you to tag me if you make one of these! I'm @knittingdragonflies on Instagram!


Crocheting a Cardigan

I got the crochet bug at the beginning of this year. I was in a knitting slump and discovered videos on YouTube explaining crochet. I started with hats, and scarves and have moved on to cardigans.
This pattern is a paid pattern, but I fell in love with it and the designer has so many sizes (from 3 month baby size to adult 4XL tall). The designer is Ashlea Konecny and her website/blog is HeartHookHome (link) She has lots of free patterns available along with paid ones. So go over and take a look!
Cozy Coed Cardigan
Cozy Coed Cardigan

Cozy Coed Cardigan
Cozy Coed Cardigan

I’m still not as confident with my crochet skills so I’m using 100% acrylic yarns. Right now my favorite is from Hobby Lobby. Their “I Love This Yarn” worsted weight. I had read good reviews on it and made my first cardigan out of it. After wearing it every day all winter I’m giving this yarn a big thumbs up. Especially for price and care in addition to the large selection of colors and prints, tweeds, etc.…..Go check it out!

This only took 4 skeins of worsted yarn. Their skeins of the solid colors are large 7 oz. and approx. 355 yards per skein, That is about 1420 yards of worsted weight #4 yarn to make this.
I did add patch pockets that I sewed all around except for the “ribbed” area at the top outside of the pocket. I’m really happy with how it turned out. I’m planning on adding a zipper, but you know it takes me longer to get a zipper in than crochet the sweater. hehe

For the patch pockets I chained 25, then hdc  in each stitch (making a total of 24 hdc), I continued until I wanted the ribbing part, for that I took one third of the total stitches, which for me was 8 stitches and started doing a fphdc, bphdc x4 then 8 hdc for around 4 rows. I did the mirror image for the other pocket and sewed them on.

No zipper yet but planning on making another one of these!
May your needles fly as fast a dragonflies!