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Tiny Sweaters, more holiday knitting

 I made a series of Christmas stockings, and needed something small and fun to knit as a palate cleanser. I have always looked at the little sweater ornament patterns and thought they were so adorable. So I decided to give one a try. I saw that Berroco yarns had their yearly ornament patterns out,   Minutia 21 , they are free and looked so cute! It is just knitting a little sweater, just like a life size one! So cute.....I did all of mine one dpns, but I found a girl on YouTube knitting them on magic loop. She is the KnitYorker,  video link here.  They were fun and didn't take too long to make.  If you want to look at some more, I'll link their other little sweater ornament patterns of the past years... Minutia 20  , Minutia 18,   Minutia 16, and Minuti 15 . After my first two tiny sweaters that were knit. I wanted to find a crochet sweater pattern ornament. I found one on Ravelry from Melissa Mall. ( pattern link rav)  Miniature sweater ornaments. I made two of those pretty qu
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Cabled Fingerless arm warmers, mitts, free pattern link

 I wanted to try some fingerless mitts or arm warmers and thought that I would try a crochet pair. The pandemic has gotten me into crochet in a serious way. I love knitting and that is my primary love but crochet has really gotten me excited. It also helps me switch in between projects and keep my hand stress down. Crochet is so much quicker than knitting. I've had fun comparing them and trying out all kinds of crochet patterns. I found this one that was cute and had the cable detail but not too difficult. Pattern is free ( rav link )  from Julie Fort. Thanks Julie, it is called the Cable Wrist warmer. The pattern is well written and I didn't have any trouble trying to figure out what to do as someone newer to crochet. They fit very well. I love that they have an actual thumb shaping and this is specific for the right and left hand. I used worsted weight yarn, Lion Brand Wool Ease and I'm definitely going to make another pair, the pattern is fairly quick to make and would b

Another Stocking

Holiday stocking number 4 done. I think this will be my last one. I saw this pattern & decided I had to try it. Well written & I love how it turned out. The pattern is from Rachel Brockman, and called the Gingerbread stocking. ( rav link) . I did delete the first part of the pattern and substituted the name in that area, and then continued as written. Used scrap yarn that I had in my stash. I have decided after several stocking that I like the look of the afterthought heel, and the toe that is more like a regular sock toe. Some have a round toe that has equal decreased all around. Ready for the heel here. Adding the dpns and cut out the waste yarn. I watched a video on YouTube the first time and this one was the one I understood best. From The Chilly Dog ( youtube link ). It really is a quick way to add a heel. Left out the first pattern area and added a name. Just simple block letters.  May your needles fly as fast as dragonflies

Christmas Stockings

 I started making Christmas Stockings and am still making them. The first one I made was a free pattern from Marly Bird, the Love Light Gleems stocking. I made it slimmer. Only doing two repeats instead of the three of the patterns. rav Link I quickly started modifying the patterns on the designs, and had a lot of fun. I added an area to put simple block letters for the name. I also found another stocking pattern that had more designs and was free also. It is the Cascade Christmas stocking. I used the designs for this one but kept the top picot edging and Latvian braid from the other pattern. pattern link Now I'm on another stocking. This one has cables on the top. The pattern for this one is from Rachel Brockman called The Gingerbread Stocking (rav link)  When I saw this pattern I loved the rustic look of the colors and colorwork.  I think this will be my last one, I need to move onto other items. Are you knitting any gifts? May you needles fly as fast as dragonflies.

I’m on my 2nd stocking for the holidays.

I finished the first one and was pleased with it. So decided I would try again. Pattern is from Marly Bird, free pattern. It is the Love Light Gleems Stocking (rav link ). She also has a video on her YouTube channel you can find and it shows how to make the whole stocking.  This is the first time I've made the Latvian braid and her video showed how to do it. I did modify the pattern to only 2 repeats of the design. It makes the stocking thinner. I added some stocking net area in-between the braid and the main design to include the last name. For the heel I used 28 stitches and used the afterthought heel. It makes it quick to make the body of the stocking. I used the afterthought heel from Knitty Natty ( you tube link ) I'll add a pic of my first stocking I made. Enjoy and may your knitting needles fly as fast as dragonflies.

Started my Christmas stockings. I’m making one for everyone this year. Well, that’s the plan, pattern modified

Beginning of my first stocking! I'm enjoying it so much I'm planning on doing more. I did add some stocking net stitch to add a name and just made simple letters to fit on the cuff. I did make the stocking more slender and kept it to 2 repeats. Only cast on of 56 stitches.

Almost done with my oversized hooded cardigan, pattern by Carrie chambers, free pattern.

Jodi and my Oversized Hoodie on the porch.  Yarn is scarfie, from Lion Brand, I did modify the arms & I added slash interior pockets. I'll add the details of my modifications in another post. I have plans to add a zip to it. So far I'm loving how it turned out!! I really love her patterns and highly recommend them. Pattern is Oversized Hoodie from Carrie Chambers (crochet with carrie) blog link May your needles fly as fast as dragonflies.....