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I put down two cardigans that I was knitting, one had a small amount of lace in it, and it is more of a summer cardigan. The other is a more complicated cable cardigan. I had decided to buy some cheap acrylic yarn and try a crochet cardigan.

IMG_6889 (2)

I’ve never crocheted a cardigan. I’m not very crochet experienced, I can chain and single and double crochet, but mostly flat things. After I had tackled the cable sweater I felt fearless and started shopping around for some nice acrylic yarn. Google informed me that Hobby Lobby's I Love This Yarn was highly rated. The price was right. I wanted to feel like I could make it nice but if it didn’t work out I hadn’t spent a whole lot on it.

I had looked at a few crochet cardigan patterns and the Staycation pattern really caught my eye! I bought some bright red yarn from Hobby Lobby and went at it. It didn’t take me too long and I didn’t have much trouble. Before I knew it I had my Holiday Sweater!

With big patch pockets and an oversized fit! I have worn it everyday since I’ve made it. The pattern is free on the Make&DoCrew website, or you can pay a small amount and get it without the ads in it.

I’m loving the Hobby Lobby I Love this Yarn so much that I bought enough for two more crochet sweaters. It is soft and warm. Not squeaky or plasticky feeling.

IMG_6894 (2)

At the same time I started a La Nuage wrap from Sewrella. I watched the YouTube video (blog link with video)  and it seemed simple, so I looked in my stash and found some beige wool yarn and made that, It was good Netflix crocheting.

IMG_6914 (2)IMG_6854

I also finished a Wurm Hat (free pattern) It is a fast knit and I used some leftover hand dyed. It is indeed Wurm and a good looking hat.

IMG_6926 (2)

Feels good to be creating again. I’ve got more sweaters and hats in progress. More info soon. How is your making coming? Let me know in the comments if you have some favorite crochet patterns!

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