Over dyeing fugly yarn

While trying to destash, I ran across some nice yarn, but the color way was outdated, or I was tired of them….So…..why not try overdyeing?

(I know I’m really suppose to be destashing and decluttering my house, and I end up making a bigger mess)

Over dyeing begins…why not…can it look worse? Yuck. Blue/yellow/red before.

 013 (2)

Before and after, this is with 5 packages of grape Kool Aid, and microwave dyed. It took the harshness away. My husband doesn’t see much difference, but he IS a man.

007 Here we are all dry and ready to go, now I would knit something with this yarn.

Inspired by my success, I decided to try more yarn. I found this blue/orange/burgundy/green color way. ugh…

More yarn…and this time I tried solar dyeing, I found out that WalMart had their sun tea jars (glass) on sale for $1 each. I used this method.

028 005

This yarn reminds me of the 70’s, and then some grape and  cherry kool aid (sorry I know it’s generic, but that’s half the price)

003 007 (2)

Sun tea jars + yarn + kool aid + sun = yarny goodness

I waiting 2 hot days, the dye mix in the jars was clear, and this is what I got.

023 025

Grape Kool aid overdyed and Cherry Kool aid over dyed. Success, now I would knit something with these.

028 (2) Top is cherry and bottom is grape.

May your knitting needles fly as fast as dragonflies…


  1. wow that is so interesting! I have never heard of solar dyeing in sun tea jars before! I will definitely try it out!

  2. I like how the solar dyeing turned out! Are they colorfast?

  3. :o( I kinda liked it before the overdying...

  4. Lovely over-dyeing!

  5. Frugly no more - LOL

    I think it would be fun to dye yarn - but I don't because I'm afraid of the huge mess of tangled yarn I might end up with!

  6. Those look great! I'll have to remember about the overdying. Thanks.

  7. I haven't done solar dyeing in almost forever but you have inspired me to play with it once again. Love your results.


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